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Posted on 12 Apr, 2021

Mathematica, Matlab

The Scientist, MEI Laboratory will act independently – guided by company policies and objectives – to make decisions on administrative and operational issues for project areas for which this person holds responsibility, and will also actively collaborate where appropriate with other internal and external global scientific colleagues. The successful candidate will facilitate both NTT-sponsored and Investigator-Initiated Research activities related to the MEI Laboratory as determined by MEI strategic objectives and in accordance with guidance.

The primary role for this particular Scientist, MEI Laboratory will be to facilitate development of the BioDT. A BioDT is an “electronic replica” of an actual individual. It is a digital representation of all that can be known or inferred about that individual’s physiology, pathophysiology, multi-omics, lifestyle, behaviors, and risk factors. The BioDT will be driven by computational platforms of modeling and simulation engines that can assemble and make sense of all these various data types. Our goal is to individualize and revolutionize healthcare through the use of BioDT technologies for precision medicine, improved therapeutics, predictive health maintenance, and preventive medicine.

  • The Scientist, MEI Laboratory will primarily be responsible for developing mechanistic physiological models and simulations as part of the BioDT development. 
  •  Keeping abreast of medical and scientific developments in designated relevant therapeutic areas (e.g., Cardiovascular BioDT) by continuously reviewing literature in the field, monitoring competitor activities, networking with experts and attending important conferences (face-to-face or virtual as appropriate). 
  •  Maintain effective and appropriate communications and collaboration among NTT colleagues.
  • Ensure compliance with all internal/external SOPs/Rules/Regulations. 

Education / Experience 
 A bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering with 5 or more years of relevant experience is required. 
A master’s degree (MS) or additional training in cardiovascular dynamics or physiological signal analysis is required. 
Technical and Interpersonal Skills:
Software development experience is required (e.g., MATLAB, Mathematica, etc.)
  • Experience with physiological systems (analysis, modeling and/or simulation) is preferred.
  • Familiarity with statistical methods would be considered a plus.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills required. 
  • Excellent and demonstrated interpersonal skills: ability to understand and respond to multiple external and internal demands, manage and handle conflict constructively required. 

Demonstrated ability to:
  • Manage several projects while exhibiting the ability to prioritize, successfully implement, and demonstrate excellent judgment skills and work in a continuous improvement environment. 
  • Work within a matrixed, multi-disciplinary team to foster strong professional relationships and which are aligned with NTT RI objectives. 
  • Effectively manage through and lead change in an ever-changing and evolving external health care environment. 
  • Ability to problem-solve and network throughout the organization to identify solutions. 
  • Collaborate effectively and demonstrate leadership and teamwork with peers, internal stakeholders and external scientific colleagues that inspires alignment and partnership on a shared vision or strategy.
  • Be a self-starter, be accountable and have a sense of conviction to delivering quality results that have impact.
  • Maintain self-awareness and continually choose behaviors and responses based on how it impacts one’s own and others performance and engagement. 
  • Flexible to new opportunities adaptable to organizational change. 
  • Demonstrated research and technical skills. 
  • Demonstrated ability to rapidly adopt and utilize new digital technology and other resources.
  • Flexibility to travel by air is required (to attend scientific meetings/conferences; attend NTT RI on-campus meetings, etc.).

Candidate demonstrates a breadth of diverse leadership experiences and capabilities including: the ability to influence and collaborate with peers, develop and coach others, oversee and guide the work of other colleagues to achieve meaningful outcomes and create business impact.

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